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Don’t Change For Them

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

When we learn to truly accept ourselves for who we were created to be… we stop seeking acceptance from people. We no longer require emotional validation from people, to make us feel ok, or worthy of acceptance.

We were created in love and acceptance.

It’s only when we experience rejection in life from those who love us that we begin to question our worth, our ability to be accepted as we are. We start believing that something might be wrong with us because the person or people that love us don’t accept us. Subconsciously, we start believing that we aren’t worthy of being loved unless we CHANGE.

Maybe if we CHANGE we can show our loved ones that we are worthy of being loved and accepted again. CHANGE is a beautiful thing when it’s done for the betterment of self. CHANGE can be self destructive if it’s done to pacify other peoples unspoken insecurities. Don’t CHANGE who you are for anyone that silently fears how great you will become if you truly accept who you are.

Love yourself first, everything else follows.

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