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Smiling Young Woman

I loved my reiki session!

I had never had reiki before ReikiReset with Saleemah so I didn’t know what to expect. I was feeling out of balance and heard that reiki could help relax, re-center, and even heal so I was anxious to give it a try. Like most people, meditation has always been challenging for me. My mind races almost the entire time and I worry that I’m doing it wrong. For the first time ever, I experienced a deep meditative state where my mind was still, my thoughts— clear. I released emotions I didn’t know I had, allowing me to walk away feeling lighter and more focused. I loved my reiki session and would highly recommend for everyone!”

-Aneesah A.


 Smiling Woman with Curly H

So much has changed on a personal and global level for us within the past couple of months. Sustaining a connection to the self on a spiritual level is life-saving, and my reiki session with Saleemah emphasized that. I’d never reached a deep meditation state before so I was unprepared for both the serenity of my thoughts and the visual rush. I felt as though I had sunk into a warm space where the dreamlike scenes in my mind were made tangible. Saleemah created a welcoming, worthwhile experience that has reset some mental and physical blockages in my life. I’m still feeling these changes in the weeks following our session, and I’m committed to more sessions with Saleemah in the future! Our session was done remotely so there’s really no reason to delay further if you’re still reading this. Treat yourself to this service; it comes highly recommended, and is as illuminating as it is enriching for the spirit.”

-Nia V.

Sustaining a connection to the self on a spiritual level is life-saving...

woman smiling

I feel so good!

I want to share a “thing” I did about 2 weeks ago! I had a Reiki virtual session with my fabulous friend/sister Saleemah Lowder. When I tell you, my energy immediately refocused…realigned…. I feel so good! I have so much clarity on so many things! Things keep unfolding and I’m definitely making changes! Research the benefits of Reiki and make an appointment with her today! You won’t be disappointed! If you’re in Chicago….visit her Reiki Studio."

-Carla R.

Happy Young Man

Extremely pleased

My Reiki session was something fun, fresh and different to say the least. I was unfamiliar with the practice but extremely pleased with the background information and actual service Saleemah provided. Sticking to the “homework” following the session was a bit of a challenge for me, but overall I was extremely pleased with my Reiki session experience. I would definitely do it again.”

⁃ Calvin K.

I 100% recommend Saleemah for Reiki sessions. My very first Reiki session was awesome! Saleemah provided a very calming, positive, and professional atmosphere. She is also very knowledgeable about Reiki and Reiki experiences. Thank you for a great Reiki experience Saleemah. I’ll be seeing you for another Reiki session soon.”

⁃ Nurah K.

Woman with Head Scarf


Meditating by the Pool

Aligned me even more with my spirituality

My first reiki session with Saleemah was amazing! I experienced a major life change and felt somewhat unbalanced with my new path in life. The reiki session aligned me even more with my spirituality and daily meditation. Saleemah’s energy was very inviting, soothing and peaceful. I highly recommend others to visit.”

-Kandice L.

Smiling Girl

Reiki has changed the way I deal with negative situations...

“I’ve read about reiki in the past but never received it. After being under so much stress and anxiety Reiki is my go to; to release stress, anxiety, and any unbalanced energy. After each session there’s a sense of peace. I feel whatever weight I’m carrying is being lifted with calmness. Reiki has changed the way I deal with negative situations and people in my life. Thanks to Saleemah, reiki is a part of my monthly regiments of self love and care.”

-Joy P.

Black and White Portrait

Reiki has helped me to balance out my emotions

Saleemah is awesome and her energy is so serene. Although I pray and have a relationship with God, Reiki has helped me to balance out my emotions and seek understanding and balance through a higher power. Engaging in reiki with Saleemah has helped me to channel my emotional intelligence. The individualized positive affirmations she sends after a reiki session helps to continue the aura and vision. I highly recommend Saleemah!!”

-Sanora P.

Ready to Party

The feeling is indescribable

I had been feeling off balanced mentally and physically for a long time. I decided to try reiki out for the first time with Saleemah. The Reiki Reset with Saleemah was so calming and peaceful. I fell asleep during the session and woke up feeling recharged, my body was definitely reset. The feeling is indescribable.”


– Cori F.

Natural Beauty

I am now officially a believer

My first ever Reiki experience with Saleemah was amazing! I have to admit, initially I was a little skeptical of the benefits of Reiki, but I am now officially a believer. Saleemah’s set up for my session was very calming and relaxing. The peaceful energy that came over me during the session even lasted throughout the following weeks. I’ll definitely book Saleemah’s services again in the very near future for a Reiki session.”

– Shavon C.

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