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Each bottle of L-I-T-E Body Energy Reset Spray is hand made in small batches with love and infused with Reiki & Crystal Healing Energy and charged under a copper pyramid.


All-natural water based essential oil spray that nourishes the peace within and around your space.

Energy Reset Spray was created with the intention of cultivating peace in a simple holistic way.

Energy Reset Spray is a self care product that supports clean living while acknowledging the connection between gratitude and inner peace.


TO USE: Shake well. Spray on or around body. Inhale. Focus on Gratitude. Exhale. Relax. Release. Reset.

L-I-T-E Body Energy Reset Spray

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Energy Reset Spray
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  • L-I-T-E Body Energy Reset Spray  is a daily reminder to practice self-care, no matter how big or small.


    It takes less than 30 seconds to shake the bottle and spray on or around your body. In each moment of self-care, be reminded that you matter and what products you use on and around your body are equally as important.


     ❖ 100% All Natural

    ❖ Blend of Organic Essential Oils

    ❖ Reiki Charged with Amethyst & Clear Quartz Gemstones

    ❖ Ethically Sourced Pure Essential Oils with no fillers

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