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“So much has changed on a personal and global level for us within the past couple of months. Sustaining a connection to the self on a spiritual level is life-saving, and my reiki session with Saleemah emphasized that. I’d never reached a deep meditation state before so I was unprepared for both the serenity of my thoughts and the visual rush. I felt as though I had sunk into a warm space where the dreamlike scenes in my mind were made tangible. Saleemah created a welcoming, worthwhile experience that has reset some mental and physical blockages in my life. I’m still feeling these changes in the weeks following our session, and I’m committed to more sessions with Saleemah in the future! Our session was done remotely so there’s really no reason to delay further if you’re still reading this. Treat yourself to this service; it comes highly recommended, and is as illuminating as it is enriching for the spirit.”

-Nia. V.

Meet Saleemah

Meet Your Reiki Practitioner

Reiki Master Practitioner

Saleemah is a purpose driven community health advocate. She has over 15 years of experience in social services, case management, community health counseling, and higher education. As a multi-faceted problem solver, she naturally focuses on helping to bring calm and peace to stressful life situations those around her are experiencing.  


Saleemah is a Reiki Master Practitioner, trained in

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki.  Over the past 5 years, she has provided customized reiki meditation services for private clients and nonprofit organizations. In her work with Reiki, Saleemah provides a peaceful, safe, and relaxing space for clients to feel empowered to do the work necessary to initiate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth & healing. Fueled by her passion and concern for the holistic wellness of others; Saleemah empowers clients to build self awareness and encourages them to make successful life changes. 

About Us

About Reiki Reset

The  services offered by Reiki Reset were created for the ever growing, learning, and evolving human. If you made it here, job well done. Have you ever felt like something in your life was missing, off, unbalanced, but just couldn’t verbally express or put a finger on what it was? Maybe it was many things at once. The main goal of Reiki Reset is to empower and encourage clients to live their best lives by identifying, addressing, and releasing things that don’t support their highest good.




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